Design – Development

Make-up, Skincare, Fragrance

We create game-changing products that meet consumers’ specific needs.
All Face Fan is an innovative approach to complexion complete with an incredible double-fan brush.
Forget chalky complexions, bronzer tidemarks or badly blended blusher, and wave goodbye to thick, clumsy contouring.
All Face Fan is all about creating a natural complexion.

Design – Development

Make-up, Skincare, Fragrance

LABeautyFull.iD offers comprehensive solutions to meet market expectations, and oversees the entire development process for all its innovations.

phase 1


We always start by identifying issues and consumer needs surrounding a specific cosmetic product.

We keep a constant eye on women’s habits, on brands, distributors, manufacturers and markets.

We organize test workshops with consumers and users to share, learn, dialogue, test, listen and identify issues.

We carry out audits of make-up bags, handbags, bathrooms, treatment booth, spas and points of sale to better understand and identify market needs.

phase 2


Once we’ve identified the issues to be addressed, we come up with new application techniques, and a concept pack combined with an applicator, a formula and a colour. The design is always highly functional and user-friendly.

phase 3


LABeautyFull.iD oversees all technical development stages and the patent-filing process.

After finalising the designs and 2D and 3D blueprints, we move on to creating functional mock-ups and developing pilot and industrial moulds.

phase 4


Once we have our finished product and the right formula and applicator, we run practical workshops. We invite a range of different consumers and professionals to come and test the products in real-life conditions to assess the functionality of the concepts. All our events are held at the LABeautyFull.iD research and training centre.

phase 5


To make sure we get the right message across and present our innovation effectively, LABeautyFull.iD develops various communication and training materials alongside its products.

Communication starts with the packaging: we come up with a product name, its image and colour, and develop its instructions for use.

At points of sale, communication includes all merchandising and demonstration materials (display cases, window displays, shelf displays, beauty stations, etc.).

To help beauty consultants get the most out of their sales events, LABeautyFull.iD develops all the tools they need for successful training, including educational programmes, video tutorials, and how-to guides.

Finally, to ensure effective product presentations and launches, LABeautyFull.iD creates all the essential communication materials (press kits, teasers, booklets, etc.) required to produce vibrant, inspiring events.