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Michel Limongi

Founder of LABeautyFull.iD

Beauty Designer Architect Michel Limongi is the brain behind our innovative approach to make-up and skincare. A beauty specialist and professional for over 40 years now, and passionate about learning and training, he set up LABeautyFull.iD to bring women solutions to all their everyday beauty needs.
“A woman who is a beauty expert is free to choose.”

Michel Limongi, Beauty Designer-Architect.
Michel Limongi, Beauty Designer-Architect.

A long and multi-disciplinary 40-year career in the beauty industry.

Mr Limongi, everyone in the industry knows that you’re passionate about beauty. Talk us through your career.

In 1976, I started working as a beautician, cosmetics consultant and make-up artist in the beauty salon where my mother worked, and where I stayed for 7 years. This was my first experience of working directly with clients, and I covered all aspects of the trade. I soon realised that most women don’t know how to apply make-up, so I designed my first technical training programme, and began teaching clients how to use make-up from the Mary-Cohr brand. I ran make-up and skincare sessions as well as training programmes, and my sales figures increased.

Why did you leave the salon?

Mary-Cohr asked me to roll out my make-up training programme across their international network. I spent 17 years with them as their artistic director and head of training and communication for Guinot-Mary Cohr, a world-renowned professional cosmetics brand for perfumeries and beauty salons. I developed innovative make-up and skincare products as well as communication, display and merchandising materials. I created the very first international DIY make-up educational programme for the brand. I was also a trainer and speaker, organising collection launches and handling press relations.

How did you make the leap from front-line work in beauty salons to behind the scenes in manufacturing and production?

In the face of competition from Asia, Alcan-Albéa (a luxury skincare, make-up and fragrance packaging manufacturer) offered me the position of artistic director and head of training and communication, working with them to come up with innovative concepts. Here, I was able to draw on all of my skills as a beauty industry professional to develop innovations based on new application techniques. I was responsible for overseeing the entire creative process behind a packaging, formulation and accessory concept, from establishing consumer expectations to PR conferences and launching my creations at events and conventions.

I love independent women who are conscious of their beauty and give them tools that respond to the problems encountered in their everyday lives.


I love independent women who are conscious of their beauty and give them tools that respond to the problems encountered in their everyday lives.

You often say that consumer expectations lie at the heart of any new concept. How and where do you identify them?

I have a training and research centre where I meet clients and hold testing and practical workshops for all kinds of different consumers and professionals. This is where I identify the issues and application challenges they face.

The Labeautyfullid training and research centre
The training and research centre

In 2010, you decided to sell all your solutions under the Lancôme banner. Why?

The Roll’On Accord Parfait I created for L’Oréal was a hit, and it was thanks to this product that the CEO of Lancôme, Sue Youcef Nabi, who wanted to give the brand a more youthful edge, offered me the job of artistic director and head of skincare, make-up and fragrance innovation for Lancôme International. I created a series of innovative package, tool and formula concepts (such as the Rénergie French Lift, Génifique Yeux Light Pearl, Absolue l’Extrait), and developed an international training programme for beauty consultants and make-up artists. I also organised international press launches for my innovations.

You left Lancôme after four years to found LABeautyFull.iD. Why?

So that I could be free and unrestricted. I wanted to be able to draw freely on my experience, pick my own concepts and partners, and do what I believed in. I still meet consumers in my training centre which is where I continue creating, developing, testing and leading workshops with consumers, manufacturers and all kinds of stakeholders. It’s a fantastic space where I hold events, presentations and PR launches.

I’m passionate about developing new ideas through innovation


You’re involved in so many different types of creative ventures, which suggests you’ve got a very diverse range of professional skills.

Today, I’m a beauty designer-architect, which means I devise innovative beauty products by designing package, formula and accessory concepts, display and merchandising materials, tutorials, training programmes, events, images and communication elements.

I’m a market watcher: to me, everything starts with observing users and keeping an eye on the international beauty markets as well as brands and consumer trends.

I test, assess and oversee the entire development and fine-tuning process for my creations, so I’m a developer and technician.

I’m constantly using my knowledge of beauty therapy, cosmetics, make-up and massage to develop my concepts, and I continue to work in the beauty professions.

I also lead training programmes and practical workshops, I teach consumers, beauty consultants, manufacturers, distributors and brands as a coach and trainer.

Finally, I roll out strategic operations, and set up commercial and sales events and press launches, where I play the role of demonstrator, activity leader and conference speaker in English, French and Spanish.

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