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LABeautyFull.iD designs the cutting-edge, innovative and highly-functional application techniques of the future for both skincare and cosmetics, aimed at women, suppliers and the biggest brands in the industry.
We innovate across all levels: packaging, formulas, accessories, shelf displays, communication tools and training.

LABeautyFull.iD is a company that offers a unique and comprehensive service.

LABeautyFull.iD ?

Our name has real meaning. LAB because we’re a research laboratory. Beauty because innovation in the beauty industry is what we do. Full because our scope is comprehensive, and iD because we’re constantly seeking new ideas.

Constant innovation lies at the heart of LABeautyFull.iD’s DNA. We seek it everywhere, on all levels, and always for the benefit of our consumers. We always start with women’s needs and expectations. We observe their habits to better understand them, to identify issues and offer solutions.

Once we’ve come up with a concept and developed the packaging, formula and tools, we go back to women to test and improve them, to arrive at a highly-optimised end product.

More than a company, LABeautyFull.iD is a physical space for workshops that brings together women, consumers and professionals.


Consumers’ needs are central to our work

Our values

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« Women aren’t born proficient in make-up, they are made »

Women need training to be able to understand their needs, choose their products, their methods and their style.

Everything starts with solid training and understanding. We believe in meeting women, in talking to them and in working with them

« A knowledgeable woman is a free woman »

LABeautyFull.iD loves all women, of all ages and all ethnicities. We believe there’s a beauty solution for everyone.


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