Workshop/Research and Experiment Center

The LABeautyFull.iD training centres and spaces are designed to connect visitors with beauty professionals: suppliers, manufacturers, brands, students, teachers, journalists, bloggers and influencers, and customers with a range of different styles, aged 7 to 77.
Sign up to take part in training sessions, where you’ll be given exclusive, sneak-peek opportunities to try the latest skincare and make-up techniques to test, evaluate and contribute to improving our innovative concepts.

LABeautyFull.iD is a source of inspiration and a place to meet and exchange ideas


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In its workshops, LABeautyFull.iD offers comprehensive skincare and make-up training programmes based on its innovative concepts: tools, application techniques, communication tips, and more…

Its training programmes include sales techniques and events for its concepts and products.

Practical sessions

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Taking part in a workshop is a fun experience. Participants have access to professional equipment such as Japanese bath, treatment booth, beauty station and make-up stations.

The wide range of educational materials and a host of different accessories, applicators and formulas allow them to experiment in optimal conditions.

Testing sessions

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Consumer testing sessions are an integral part of the development process for all our creations.

These assessments lead to technical, design and ergonomic adjustments, ultimately resulting in highly functional products.

These testing sessions are aimed at developers, formulators, beauty professionals and novice users.