Workshops – Events


Innovation and creativity must be felt during presentations

This is where all our products are created and tested, and where our shows and launches are held for our clients and brands, as well as journalists, bloggers and online influencers.
Real experiences in an authentic setting.

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LABeautyFull.iD designs and develops training tools and communication materials to ensure effective, inspiring concept presentations.

Its training programmes always relate back to a sales strategy combined with high-impact communication materials.

LABeautyFull.iD provides all types of training and coaching via hands-on and theoretical demonstration workshops for clients, beauty consultants, brands and sales teams.
LABeautyFull.iD also offers the possibility of using its premises for events and presentations. This is the beating heart of the company, and the place where all its concepts are developed and tested.

LABeautyFull.iD organises presentations and shows for brand clients, as well as press conference launches at trade fairs.
It also meets journalists and bloggers during PR events.

LABeautyFull.iD boasts outdoor relaxation spaces and facilities – perfect for this kind of event.

We recently invited bloggers and influencers to attend the launch of our latest innovation, the All FACE FAN brush, a new make-up method.

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LABeautyFull.iD latest events and launches

Make Up Paris


Make-up conference: Applicators vs. Applicators

Innovative accessories and brushes, cutting-edge application techniques

Luxepack Monaco 2016


September 2016

Press conference,
Introducing trade journalists to three innovative concepts, with cutting-edge make-up, skincare and fragrance application techniques.

All Face Fan launch

May 2017

All Face Fan launch, evening event for influencers on LABeautyFull.iD’s premises.
Introducing the All Face Fan: demonstration and hands-on workshop.